Eshrab is the first app to deliver water to Mecca mosque in KSA.

Error App

Frist specialized app in games console maintenance

Masane3 Online

Masane3 Online designed to connect factories and suppliers together in order to co-operate and provide their services for each other and for customers.


An e-commerce app specialized in gold & jewelry


Order all you want from all available restaurant and track your driver.


Best app for renting in Kuwait.

Almutlaa City

An app and website for Almutlaa City to allow users to be aware of project steps and get the full features of it.

Egy Pets

An app that brings animal husbandry, veterinarians, shops, training academies, farms and hotels to host the dog, and you can search for the nearest veterinarian or the nearest open store at any time on the map. You can also sell your pet here or search for a new animal.


An app for gyms and diet restaurants in Kuwait.

Gold Store

Best app for buying and selling gold and silver in Kuwait.

Hum Hum

Hum hum is the best way to purchase your daily goods.

Box Points

Box Point is a new way of saving in our lives by paying less and enjoying more deals and discounts.


An authorized startup Egyptian company in the field of promotion of tourism.


Best application for sportswear and accessories All you need from all brands are for all ages.

Kuwait Ads

Kuwait ads app allows you to browse ads easily in many categories.


Outlet is an app created to produce a large community for ads and advertisers in Kuwait.


Best application for wedding and event equipment in Kuwait.

Sweet & Coffee

Get the best sweets from the best stores with the possibility of delivery wherever you are in Kuwait.

Pro Families

Pro Families is an application based on the idea of marketing the products of productive families to help them by allowing them to create a full-details profile to preview and control products.


Doctory is the first medical clinic in the State of Kuwait, it offers the best medical care providers from doctors, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Kuwait House

Our mission is to provide extensive, fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information and reduce the distance between the buyer, the seller and the service provider concerned.

Save Holic

An app that offers the users many discounts and offers in Kuwait.


The official application of Captain Abu Saleh - The app offers (answer to inquiries through doctors and specialists away from the jurisprudence - personal opinions and experiences of members - free sports and nutrition programs - a platform for direct inquiries).

Stories Chat

Stories Chat adopts the principle of group psychotherapy and acts as a real platform for members of society who feel isolated and ashamed and need to express their feelings and grief and receive moral support from their community members.